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Our purpose is to generate commercially relevant “returns on investment” for the film and TV rights, and in this way also to help improve the quality of the films.

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Rights collection. Financing and exploiting rights. Worldwide.


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About us

FilmCollect Clearing GmbH is a joint venture of Elmar Kruse (Berlin) and Dr. Ralf Schulze (Hamburg). For more than 20 years we have been in the business of administering music rights and ancillary rights for well-known film and television producers and operate as an international sales agency for many German high-end music films. We have access to international networks to ensure a worldwide and comprehensive exploitation of the rights. We give you, as a film and television producer, the opportunity to shape the interesting and lucrative business with film copyrights yourself. FilmCollect concentrates on the international administration and securing of the so-called “ancillary film rights” for film and television producers. It is our goal to increase the financial resources and rights income of all parties involved – from actors to directors and film producers – and to ensure adequate remuneration for copyright-relevant works. We support film producers and make their film rights more profitable.